It’s a wrap: 7 gift wrapping tips

29th January 2018

Everyone knows that when you’re giving a gift, it’s the thought that counts. And nothing says “thoughtless” quite like a present dumped into the recipient’s lap in a Tesco carrier bag.

If you want to show you care, you need to get to grips with gift wrapping. The gift doesn’t need to look like an explosion in a glitter factory, but some decent paper, a few neat edges and a little ribbon will go a very long way.

Of course, you don’t have to do it yourself. At Charlie Pickitt, we wrap gifts with a professional’s touch, but on those odd occasions when you need to get physical with the sticky tape, our seven top tips will help make sure the experience is a real wrapper’s delight.

1. Measure up

If your paper is too small it’ll give the gifting game away, but if it’s much too big you’ll just be wasting gift-wrap. To measure your gift, wrap a ribbon round it then lay the ribbon on your paper. Add a little extra for an overlap and job’s a good ‘un!

2. Straighten out

Wonky edges are a gift-wrapping no-no. When you need to cut your paper, mark the edge then fold the sheet over. Then you can cut along the crease and avoid ragged edges that look as if they’ve been torn off between your teeth.

3. Take to the table

You’re going to need plenty of space to spread out, but the floor really isn’t a great place to wrap, particularly if it’s carpeted. Clear some room on a decent-sized table and you’ll do a much better job.

4. Box it up

Some things seem born to be wrapped. Books for instance. If only everything was book-shaped, gift-wrapping would always be a breeze. So if you’re giving an odd-shaped gift, bung it in an easy-to- wrap box and give yourself an easy life.

5. Patterned or plain

Wrapping paper doesn’t have to look like the stuff you buy in shops. Instead, you could use brown parcel paper decorated with sparkly stickers, white printer paper covered in doodles, or pages removed from newspapers or magazines. Add a few finishing touches and you haven’t just got a wrapped gift, you’ve got a real talking point.

6. Cut the tape

You could try holding down the folded gift-wrap with your elbow while trying to tear off a suitably sized strip of sticky tape – only for it to curl up and stick to itself – but it’s much easier to prepare plenty of small sticky tape strips before you begin. Tack them to the table edge and you’re ready to go.

7. Do it upside down

For a totally satisfying gifting experience, make sure that the business end of your wrapped gift – where the overlaps and sticky tape are – is the underside of the present. Then the gift tag and the bow will be on the top of the gift. Perfect!