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One month before each big day, our Personal Pickers will get in touch and ask if you need help to find a great gift.

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Your Personal Picker will go shopping to find a few different gift options, then you simply choose the one you want to send.

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We can hand-wrap your chosen gift and post it to you, or even send it straight to your recipient with a personal message.

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Lucy is a big fan of box sets, cooking and her allotment

Somehow I always forget Lucy’s birthday. I don’t mean to but you know how it is. But my Personal Picker got the gift choices bang on, and Lucy was made up with my present this year.

Chris, Lincolnshire

Personal Pickitt Anna Pritchard


Dave adores baking, crafting and drinking good wine

I have to admit, my Personal Picker saved my life. I was preparing for a big conference and didn’t have time to get Dave a present, but Charlie Pickitt nailed it, wrapped it, sent it. Brilliant.

Scott, Yorkshire

Personal Pickitt Mary Smith


Tommy has a thing for craft beer, books and 80s music

I always used to ask Tommy what he wanted, but that ruined the surprise. Now my Personal Picker comes up with great ideas and I just choose which one to give. It’s more fun for Tommy… and me!

Andrea, Berkshire

Personal Pickitt Sarah Kennedy

Your personal gift shopping service

Remembering birthdays and buying perfect gifts isn’t always easy. Real life has a habit of getting in the way. But however busy you are, Charlie Pickitt is here to make giving great gifts simple. Just tell us the dates, your budget and a bit about each recipient, then we’ll get in touch in good time and suggest a few ideas. We can even buy the gift, wrap it and send it, taking care to keep everything personal to you. Your recipient will be all smiles, and you can take all the credit!

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